TRAP (instagram- @5ps_ )

impromptu shoot with Zeus from Piece Godz yesterday 

black on black trap tee drops 9/1 @9:16PM

vonponder: How old are you? When did u start photography? Where do you want to go with photos?

dope question, I’m 23 and iv been taking photos my whole life as something i enjoy. I bought a crappy film camera at target with birthday money when i was i elementary school and used that just cause it was fun for me. 

I started a video based blog in 2011, came to find that i enjoyed photos more than video. I’v been taking it seriously like a potential profession for about a year and a half now.

and i want photography to take me places, literally. Im not really sure how or where because nothing about the future is certain. But if i can see things i wouldn’t normally see because of photography and get to share them with others, while making enough money to survive. Id be happy.

thanks for the question boss